Institutional Research and Planning

The Office of Institutional Research and Planning is comprised of three areas:  Institutional Research, Campus Planning and Space Management, and Examination Services.

Institutional Research

Institutional Research (IR) provides expertise in analysis of issues confronting higher education in general and UNL in particular. IR maintains, manages, and reports information on students, faculty and staff, academic programs, national and peer institutions, higher education trends, and agency data.

Campus Planning and Space Management

The role of Campus Planning is to prepare, update, and monitor the implementation of a Master Plan to guide campus growth and development. The Master Plan builds upon the institution's strategic plan and vision for the future, insuring that provision is made for required physical facilities in the form of land, buildings, and supporting infrastructure and establishes guidance for environmental and aesthetic considerations.

Examination Services

Examination Services offers a variety of testing and scoring services for UNL and other non-university users. Faculty and graduate teaching assistants can use Examination Services for the scoring of tests, surveys, and teaching evaluations.


from the Office of Institutional Research and Planning, and Examination Services
Fall 2015 Reports

The 2015-2016 UNL Fact Book and Data Index now contains Fall 2015 enrollment data.

Just the Facts, 2014-2015

Just the Facts, 2014-2015Our 20-page booklet is the same size and length as last year's.  If you need additional copies, they can be ordered on-line.

Recent IRP Reports

The following are new and recent reports from the Office of Institutional Research and Planning:
Common Data Set, 2014-2015
released in December 2014

The Common Data Set initiative is a collaborative effort among data providers in the higher education community and publishers (8.5" x 11", 30 pages, 130 KB).

Trend Report, 2014-2015
Released in December 2014
Trend Report

The 2014-2015 Trend Report contains one- and five-year trends for student credit hours, enrollment, majors and other important information (11" x 8.5", 74 pages, 1.4 MB).

Campus Master Plans
Released in Fall 2013
Campus Master Plan

UNL’s 2013 master plan, Plan Big, provides a framework for growth to ensure the highest quality campus learning and research environments are created to help the university achieve its goals and mission.