Data Request Form

Please complete all sections of this Data Request Form. Upon completion, click the SUBMIT button, located at the bottom of this page. Within two business days, a staff member from the Office of Institutional Research and Planning will contact you to confirm receipt of your form.

Please enter your Department, College or Organization name.
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A specific purpose may help us determine the most appropriate data set to send you.

Please provide a detailed description of the data requested, including any selection criteria (examples: first-time freshmen, Chemistry majors, departments/colleges, etc.).

IRP data is not real-time, it is structured by point-in-time (examples: term “Fall 2011” / academic year “2011-2012” / fiscal year “2011-2012”).

Unless stated otherwise, your data will be returned to you as an Excel file. If you need your data in a different format, please indicate the format here.

Preferred Completion Date
When would you like to have the data? Please allow as much time as possible.

Previous Point-in-Time Request
If you responded "Yes" in "Previous Point-in-Time Request" please include, if possible, the Data Request number here (Data Request number begins with "DR" followed by five digits).