Institutional Research


Institutional Research provides expertise in analysis of issues confronting higher education in general and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in particular. We value accurate and timely information and provide creative problem solving to the university community.

Institutional Research maintains, manages, and reports information on students, faculty and staff, academic programs, national and peer institutions, higher education trends, and agency data including:

Institutional Research produces annual and on-going reports to the university community:

In addition, Institutional Research completes a number of state and federal, as well as national and international surveys.

AMIS Data Resources

Several AMIS Resources (Data Dictionary, ODBC Guides to NUlook) are available. If you would like to request access to AMIS, see Request AMIS Dataset Access.

Data Request Form

To make a data request, please use our on-line Data Request Form.

Contact Institutional Research

To contact Institutional Research, please see our Contact IRP page.  For a list of Institutional Research staff, see our IRP Staff page.