Scoring and Surveys

Classroom Tests

Objective classroom tests are scored for the cost of the standard Scantron Answer Sheets (five or 10 response) by the SCALE program. The SCALE program offers an alphabetical listing of students' names and score. The answer sheet will have the number of correct responses printed on it. You also get a summary of statistics, frequency distributions, item analyses, and items missed by students.

Examination Services attempts to finish scoring within 24 hours after receiving tests. We will send you an Excel file and Text (.txt) file printout as an e-mail file attachment. For more information on scoring (scan errors, corrections, “no names,” and ink), click here.

Surveys and Research

Survey questionnaires or research projects which can be reported on five-response or ten-response standard Scantron forms will be scored by Examination Services for a fee.

Surveys are scored using the General Survey Analysis (GSA) program. The scoring results include the raw number for each response, omits, mean, median, variance, and subtotal. Scanned data as an Excel file and/or Text (.txt) file can be sent as an e-mail file attachment. Further analysis of results may be done by using the raw data in the excel file.