Scanning Answer Sheets

To Ensure Accurate Scanning, Please Follow These Steps

  • Use a #2 lead pencil.
  • Marks must be dark and circles filled in completely. Do not use ink.
  • Only one response is permitted for each question.
  • If more than one response is marked, the scanner will automatically score the item wrong. Multiple marks are shown as an asterisk on the file and the SCALE printout and as an omit on the GSA printout. If students make an error or stray mark, thorough erasures are necessary so the scanner won't read them as intended marks.
  • Stamped numbers or writing must not extend into the timing area.
  • The timing area is found in the left margin and across the bottom. It is marked with short black lines. Any extra marks in this area cause the scanner to stop or reject the answer sheet before scoring.
  • Answer sheets must not be stapled or mutilated in any way.
  • An answer key should be included with the tests. Examination Services does not fill out the answer keys.
  • The key should be marked on an answer sheet with a #2 lead pencil and labeled "key." Include the professor's name, campus address, phone number and course number on the key.
  • An answer key must match the answer response form (scan sheet).
  • If different Scantron forms are used for the same test (i.e. blue and green forms are used for one test), answer keys must correspond to the response form.

Other Information About Processing Answer Forms

  • We do not destroy forms -- they need to be picked-up or mailed when an envelope is provided by the user.
  • We cannot give out corrections over email or phone -- again forms must be picked-up to obtain corrections.