Scanning Answer Sheets

To Ensure Accurate Scanning, Please Follow These Steps

  • Use a #2 lead pencil. Do not use ink; the scanner cannot read it.
  • Marks must be dark and circles filled in completely.
  • Only one student response per question is permitted. If more than one response is marked, the scanner will automatically score the item as wrong. Multiple marks are shown as an asterisk in test results and as an omission in survey/evaluation results. If students make an error or a stray mark, thorough erasures are necessary. The scanner cannot distinguish between intended answers, poorly-erased responses, and accidental marks.
  • Stamped numbers or writing must not extend into the timing mark area. The timing marks are the short black lines found in the left margin and across the bottom of answer sheets. Any extra marks in this area cause the scanner to stop or reject the answer sheet before scoring.
  • Answer sheets must not be stapled or mutilated in any way.
  • An answer key should be included with all tests. We do not fill out the answer keys.
  • The key should be marked on an answer sheet with a #2 lead pencil and labeled "key." Include the instructor’s name, course number, number of points per question, and test name (e.g. Exam 1 or Quiz 2) in the margin at the top of the key. To see an example, click here.
  • An answer key must be the same type of form as the students’ answer sheets.
  • If different Scantron forms are used for the same test (e.g. Version A is on green ten-response sheets and Version B is on blue five-response sheets), then a separate key on a corresponding form must be provided for each version.

Other Information About Processing Answer Forms

  • We do not destroy forms.  You may pick them up from our office or provide an envelope that we can use to mail them back to you.
  • Forms will be returned by mail if they have been in our office over 30 days.
  • Corrections will be included in the Excel file or a PDF file and on the printed copy of Ruth’s Chart of Omitted Responses and Cindy’s Star Chart. The statistical report does not reflect corrections. We cannot give out corrections over the phone.