Final Exam Information

Upcoming final dates are from the Academic Calendar, Office of the University Registrar.
Spring Semester 2015
May 4-8, 2015
Summer Sessions 2015
Classes end and final examinations:
  • Pre-Session, June 5
  • Eight-Week Session, July 10
  • First Five-Week Session, July 10
  • Second Five-Week Session, August 13
Fall Semester 2015
December 14-18, 2015
Spring Semester 2016
May 2-6, 2016

Scheduling Finals

About week 13 during fall and spring semesters, we send out an email to current users and ask them to respond with their final exam schedule. This prior planning decreases our turnaround time and improves efficiency during a week when we have a heavy workload. Please note that we do not call departments for forms pick up during finals week.

Information Needed for Scheduling

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Department
  • Date of Test
  • Time of Test
  • Course Name/Course Number
  • Number of Students
  • Chosen Test Result Options (Text, Excel, and/or paper)